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The secret of happiness

Nobody is perfect and we learn every day. The recipe for happiness is not the same for everyone, but the main principles that allow a blossoming couple are common to the greatest number.

In life, everything does not go exactly as planned. There are setbacks. Things happen. Sometimes we spoil our lives because of overabundance and we base happiness on specific results that lead to misery.

The challenge most humans face is that they are doing their own thing. This way of working sometimes limits the human and he does not try to get everything he can really get.

If you take the time to breathe and sometimes define your own success and your happiness, you will be more serene. There are no two identical human beings. So, why should we have a standard of success? The search for the company’s standard of success is an endless race. There will always be someone better than you, and you will never have time to do everything.

Instead, learn to recognize the opportunity to change and improve. When you choose one thing, you do not choose several others simultaneously.

This makes it possible to better define success, wealth and happiness on our own terms, because if we do not, society will do it for us, and we will always be short. We will always be wanting.

We will always be stuck comparing ourselves and competing with other people. Our lives will be an endless race for the next best thing. We will never know contentment.

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