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Tips to sleep better at night


Sleep is a determining factor for human beings. Not only does it provide a radiant physical appearance but it also contributes to a healthy mind in a healthy body.

And is that the effects of not sleeping affect, even in the social life and work of people. In no case will a worker who has slept at least eight hours have a better performance than one who has spent the night and reduced his rest time to three hours. Although there are more resistant people, it is unlikely that a human being remains with good disposition after several days without falling asleep.

Check the light that enters your room. Darkness affects our pineal gland, which is sensitive to light. The well-known one like the hormone of the dream is the segregation of our body of melatonina when the light diminishes. This hormone helps us to rest better and to relax, but if the darkness is not total, its segregation is less and, therefore, its effect on us diminishes. Check your blinds well, they close well and do not enter the street light. Also check lights chargers, electronic devices, etc. Look for total darkness to sleep better and more pleasantly.

Remove technology from your room. Speaking of electronic devices, if you can take them all out of your room, the better. The electricity of this type of device can produce alterations in your organism. So unplug everything before going to bed, and do not watch TV before falling asleep or looking for sleep. Because you will only get the opposite. With TV the pineal gland (the one that secreted the sleep hormone) will not act.

What you eat influences your rest. We talk about the type of food, as well as the time you eat it. Regarding the latter, the ideal is to spend at least 90 minutes from the last intake until bedtime. And dinner should be light, to avoid strong digestions. And in the type of food of your day you must control the intake of caffeine, sweets and exciting drinks. Its continuous effects often prevent us from reaching nighttime rest.

Much has been investigated about sleep, its effects on people and the best way to reconcile it. Technology has also been focused in this regard. And, for example, in something so personal it is possible to install applications that will accompany you everywhere and make your dream easier and more pleasant. Check out this selection of sleeping apps that we found in this specialized application portal.

Sleep better

Duration, efficiency and the different phases of sleep are monitored by this application that also allows to identify the state of mind upon awakening as well as how appropriate was the moment that occurred.

Sleep Better works integrated with Apple Health and allows you to detect if lack of sleep and little rest during this is related to caffeine or other physical factor. You can download it here for Android .

Smart alarm

Detailed statistics of sleep cycles are offered to users of the Smart Alarm. This application also allows you to record the sounds made while you sleep, including snoring.

The Smart Alarm has about 100 melodies that contribute to relaxation and therefore to fall asleep. Download it here for free for Android .

Sleep cycle alarm clock

It allows to identify the time the user stays in each of the phases of the dream. As a particularity, this application is more focused on the moment of awakening because it allows you to choose between 15 melodies to wake up with one of them. It is a very personalized application. You can download it on its official website .

Sleep Cycle Alarm

The rest time and the details of it are offered by this application that also measures the heart rate. Likewise, Sleep Time has several melodies from which relaxation and the conciliation of sleep are favored.

Something new is the possibility that the alarm to wake up is heard even if the phone is silent

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