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Top 4 most consumed product in Nigeria


There are lot of products both imported and locally available in Nigeria. You might wonder which product is the most consumed in Nigeria and how much of it is consumed. NGHUBS has highlighted top  four most consumed products in Nigeria

4. Rice

Rice is a commonly consumed food in Nigeria. An Average Nigerian cooks rice on sunday. Its also a food you must get at any restaurant in Nigeria. We often times mix  rice eating schedule by cooking it in another type of way. For instance rice and beans, rice and tomato stew, rice and gbanga soup, rice and melon (egusi) stew and so on.

3. Salt

Salt is an essential life product, the most common food seasoning and it’s no surprise that it even depicts one of the fundamental human tastes (saltiness). Although, salt intake has become a major health concern, even if one is outrightly banned from its consumption, isn’t it still possible to come across it in our preserved foods?

2. Airtime

Airtime or recharge card as its commonly called is one the highest consumed product in Nigeria. According to statistics,    Nigerians who own the over 140 million active telephone lines across all networks spend an average of a whopping 197 billion Naira on internet data alone monthly.

If you add this to amounts spent in making calls and sending SMS, you may likely arrive a figure of around 250 to 300 billion Naira monthly

1. Satchet water

Hundreds of millions of sachets are consumed everyday, and the demand for this product seems to always be on the rise. One reason for this, is that the population keeps increasing and Nigeria’s climate is generally hot. There is also the issue of the lack of good and drinkable water supply in the country and sachet water seems to be the only solution for the common man who can’t afford bottled water.

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