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Total crisis in Arsenal


The defeat in the final of the Carabao Cup against Manchester City has opened the box of thunder in Arsenal.

There are more and more voices that point to the technician, Arsène Wenger, as the maximum responsible for the situation that the Gunners are going through.

Ian Wright, exgoleador of the London club, leads the calls so that there is a change in the bench. He criticized both the lack of authority of the French coach and the passivity of the owner of the club, Stan Kroenke, in statements to the BBC: “A Kroenke does not care. If it were not like that, Wenger would not have a two-year contract, “he said directly.

In addition, he spoke of very serious situations: “There are young players who arrive late to training and you have to go to their homes to look for them.”

There are those who call the club in the morning to say they are not well and that they do not leave. to train”. And he blames Wenger directly : “The coach does not send with an iron hand, he is peaceful, always with the ‘nothing happens, everything will be fine.’ You can not continue like this with some people because they see weakness.”

Among the staff there are also those who doubt the coach, although public complaints were directed more to the refereeing of the final .

In that sense, Jack Wilshere, Arsenal midfielder, perhaps the only player who could avoid the criticism of the Wembley fans, did not impress however with his message on social networks in which he claimed a foul not punched in the first goal of the game.

City and an offside in the second. In addition, he said that Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho should have seen a second yellow card.

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