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UNN impeaches SUG president for embezzlement


The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) has impeached Ezeja Joshua as the president of the Students Union government of the university.

Mr Ezeja was impeached for allegedly embezzled public fund, commercialization of SUG properties and incompetency in protecting the students welfare.

Ezeja Joshua

According to reports, Mr Ezeja allegedly embezzled nothing less than N4 million naira.

The statement by the university’s house of representative on the impeachment thus reads



 This is to bring to the notice of all Lions and Lionesses, that the House of Representativesin her sitting held on 30th October, 2017, upon deliberations on the allegations of financial misappropriation, embezzlement of union funds and crass incompetence put before it, has come to the following conclusions: 

1. Having had before it, indubitable evidence of embezzlement of funds to the tune of over 4 million naira by the SUG President, the President stands impeached.

 2. On the grounds of financial misappropriation and embezzlement of union funds, denigration and complete disregard of the House, the Vice-president stands impeached. 

3. Guilty of financial misappropriation, commercialization of union properties without the consent of the House, crass negligence and ineptitude, the Director of Transport stands impeached. 

4. Allegations about the Financial Secretary as well as other Executive officers are being investigated and the House, solemnly promises the 33,000 armless battalion of the den, to uphold it’s responsibilities and impose punition if found guilty. 

5. Forthwith, the Speaker of the House shall assume full responsibilities as the President, while the Deputy-Speaker shall assume responsibilities as the Vice-president. 

6. All impeached officials are forthwith, denied all privileges of membership of the Executive Council and mandated to return all properties of the union to the Secretary-General, within 7 days. 

7. The House of Representativeshave been going through a series of investigation on the Executive since last semester even before the rumours making waves on social media. 

The House of Representativesis committed to performing it’s legislative responsibilities, protecting the interests and welfare of all Lions and Lionesses and shall continually do this, without fear or prejudice. We shall at all cost, maximize the mandate handed over to us by the electorate and shall not fail in our responsibilities. Amangla Ngwetu!!! We shall never be discouraged!!!

 Signed : 

Hon Emmanuel Michael Clerk, 

House of Representatives 

Rt Hon Tabugbo Kenneth 

Speaker, House of Representatives.”

The alleged impeachment of Mr Ezeja for embezzlement has raised eye brows and has left Nigerians wondering if the youths are ready to govern Nigeria.

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