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What is squirting and how to reach it?


Have you ever heard of squirting? The term is a bit new and has become popular in recent years because of the boom that adult movies have had with this type of scene.

It comes from the word “squirt” and refers to female ejaculation, characterized by the abundant flow of fluid.

The subject has long been taboo, not only because of the inhibition of female pleasure , but because it was thought that the liquids emitted were leaking urine.

Currently, it arouses the interest of men and women, since it is not a simple conventional orgasm and is synonymous with maximum pleasure.

What is squirting?

When some women reach the climax, they unintentionally emit urine-like fluids , and this is called squirting.

The term is more popular in the pornographic film industry which, in a way, is responsible for advertising this type of ejaculation around the world.

This excretion should not be confused with normal ejaculation (in which the woman expels a small amount of thick or milky fluid), but should refer to the expulsion of the aqueous fluid that is literally released “like a jet”.

It comes from Skene’s glands , located around the so-called female prostate , whose function is to collect lubrication and then carry through the direct channels of the urethra.

The size of these glands varies in each woman . This is why many have trouble reaching squirting.

How to make a squirting? 10 tips to get there

Squirting has become a sexual challenge for couples. However, many decide to experience it alone, through masturbation.

The most important thing is to focus on the goal. Do it calmly and do not give up if you do not succeed on the first try.

1. Relaxed spirit

The mind plays a very important role in sexual pleasure. Therefore, to achieve maximum pleasure, you must be calm and convinced of what you want to do.

If you can not relax, or if you start to worry about not getting there quickly, it will be harder to reach.

2. The knowledge of one’s own body

If you know your body, you have a big advantage when you make love. This lets you know what your weaknesses are and how you can guide your partner to improve the fun.

3. Erotic excitement

In order to release all the sensations necessary to stimulate a squirting, it is necessary to make preliminary : kisses, caresses, sexual games, and all that can increase the sensitivity.

4. The lubricant

Lubricating the intimate area before initiating stimulation may help increase the degree of pleasure during the sexual act.

5. Clitoral stimulation

Proper stimulation of the clitoris triggers indescribable sensations, really exciting, that can facilitate orgasm.

It is important to combine circular motions, pressures and speeds , avoiding being too abrupt, which could reduce sensitivity.

6. The penetration

To more easily reach our goal, penetration should be done exclusively with the fingers or with the help of sex toys.

The pelvis should be as relaxed as possible and legs open. If you wish, you can put a pillow to lift the pelvis and enhance the experience.

7. Point G

G-spot stimulation is a decisive moment when looking for squirting. This one is two phalanges from the inside of the vagina, towards the clitoris.

Once located, you can make slight pressure in circles, varying the speed. This will increase the pressure on the Skene glands which, as mentioned, are the ones that produce the ejaculatory fluid.

8. The external massage

To create a sensation boom, it is good to combine a light massage on the clitoris. Put your thumb on it and make smooth movements at different speeds.

9. Pelvic movements

To facilitate the contraction of muscles before squirting, it is convenient to advance the pelvis, tightening the glutes.

In this way you will feel more pleasure and in a few minutes you will begin to feel the sensation that will send you to seventh heaven.

10. The feeling of urinating

When you are about to reach squirting, you feel something similar to what you feel when you want to urinate.Do not

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