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What to do in an emergency


An emergency is an unforeseen situation that must be addressed as soon as possible because it represents a risk to the life , health and integrity of one or several people.

What should you do in an emergency?

1. Verify first that those around the wounded person remain safe. The Red Cross recommends that helpers not be exposed to risks, but seek to preserve their safety at all times.

2. Keep calm. Take a deep breath and think that your well – being depends on the well – being of those who are not well. If there is someone with more knowledge in the scene than you, keep an eye on what you need.

3. If you are going to help a person, tell someone to request medical attention. If you are not the helper, contact the authorities. Say clearly the address of the place where you are, the urgency, the number you are calling (fixed or cellular) and if you need support from the fire department or the police.

4. Check the state in which the person is: is he aware? If so, do you speak? Where do you have pain? Can you move? Do you react to different stimuli? If you are not conscious, do you breathe? Does it have a pulse? Does it respond to your calls? Does it bleed?

5. Do not move the injured person to avoid further injuries . Put your head at the same level of the trunk to breathe better. If there is vomiting or convulsions, turn your head slightly to avoid drowning. Do not give him water or food.

6. If the person does not breathe, do mouth-to-mouth breathing: put it on your back, massage your chest and make compressions on the edge of the sternum, lower your head a little to lift the chin and the breathing duct is not obstructed, close your nose with your fingers, stick your mouth to hers without air vents, give him two puffs of air and repeat the process verifying the breath.

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