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What you might not know about Aloe vera


Aloe vera is a plant that has been widely used for medical purposes for thousands of years in numerous countries around the world and by millions of families.

Nowadays there are a lot of properties of natural aloe vera that are really beneficial for health. This is because, this plant, has approximately 75 bioactive compounds. Among them are vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, salicylic acid or amino acids.

These compounds allow aloe vera to have a wide range of healing properties which could be divided into eight large groups:

Healing properties of aloe vera

  • Effects on the skin after prolonged exposure to UV radiation: They promote the synthesis of metallothionein, an antioxidant protein that prevents damage to the skin and helps regenerate burns.
  • Antiacne .
  • Antitumor and immune system effects : Inhibits the production of oxidative radicals and stimulates certain compounds that help the regression of cancer cells.
  • Antiinflamatorio .
  • Improves digestion : Increases water content in the intestine, mucous secretion and bowel movements, which helps better absorption of nutrients.
  • Antiviral : Aloe vera contains compounds called anthraquinones that inactivate viruses such as herpes or influenza.
  • Moisturizing and anti-aging effect : Contains mucopolysaccharides that help hydrate the skin. It stimulates the cells that produce collagen and elastin, which helps to have a more elastic skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Antiseptic : Contains antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents.

How to consume aloe vera

In the market there is a wide range of formats for its use: from gels, creams, lotions, soaps, or oils, to aloe vera pills. Its traditional use is restricted mainly to the dermal route, with the preparation of a gel obtained directly from its pulp .

Nowadays, in the heat of boom of the healthy feeding and with the continuous bet by superalimentos , the consumption of this plant, considered also a superfood due to its numerous properties, has been increased. Aloe is perfect for preparing infusions or eating directly in salads and `fitness’ preparations such as smoothies.

Currently, there are also aloe vera pills that can be found in parapharmacies or herbalists and that have the particularity of presenting the active principle concentrated, so that their beneficial effects are increased.

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