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When can one resume a sex life after a birth 


The arrival of a child brings many changes in the life of a couple. It also brings about transformations both emotionally and rela- tively and in intimacy. A time of adaptation in the transition to parenthood is often necessary to find a new balance and become parents while remaining lovers.

The timing of resumption of sexual relations after childbirth varies from couple to couple and will depend on many factors, such as fatigue, delivery (vaginal, instrumented, caesarean) and His life.

A time of adaptation may be necessary to allow the sexual desire to be reborn. Dialogue, attention to each other and mutual support will help create a climate conducive to intimacy.

The resumption of sexual intercourse is possible as soon as bleeding stops after childbirth. If the woman breastfeeds her baby she may feel a decrease in vaginal lubrication, in which case the use of a lubricant is recommended.

The return of fertility after childbirth varies among women. It is hard to predict, because an ovulation can be triggered before the return of the rules, also called back of layers. It also depends on breastfeeding (breast milk or artificial milk).

Breastfeeding effectively protects against pregnancy only under very strict conditions. If the couple wishes to avoid a new pregnancy, it is advisable to protect themselves from the resumption of sexual relations with a method of contraception adapted to the personal situation of the woman and the couple.

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