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Why are first aid important?


Surely you’ve heard that you never know how someone will react to an emergency. What would you do if the person next to you falls and hits your head? Would you know how to provide care while medical help arrives? Because of the risk of situations like this, it is essential to know what first aid is and why it is important.

These are not exclusive knowledge of health professionals and are not highly complex processes, they are understood as basic actions that seek to preserve life until the injured person can be treated by a specialized team.

As stated by the Red Cross, “first aid is the first vital step for an effective and rapid intervention that helps mitigate serious injuries and improve the chances of survival. The immediate action and proper and proper administration of first aid are crucial to save lives. ”

Discover in this guide some maneuvers that for centuries make the difference and remember to practice constant basic first aid ; You never know when a case that requires your intervention occurs.

What is first aid?

They are urgent measures that are practiced on people who suffered an accident or a sudden illness in order to protect their life until they can receive specialized medical care.

Why are first aid important?

According to the Red Cross, first aid not only stabilizes a person until he can receive medical help, but also makes it possible to secure the scene in which the emergency occurred so that no one else gets hurt , no incidents are repeated and there is no collective panic.

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