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Why Arsenal lost to Nothinham Forest- Wenger


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has highlighted why Arsenal lost to Nothinham Forest at the last FA cup clash last Sunday.

According to Wenger, he blamed the team for not being good enough during the clash which resulted to their being dumped out of FA cup.

“Congratulate Nottingham Forest who had an outstanding performance. Always dangerous going forward and they deserved the win today. As simple as that.

We weren’t good enough upfront, in the middle or at the back. And we paid for it. They looked sharper and had an outstanding performance today.

“We had a very difficult schedule. Many players were on the edge. I can understand the selection is questioned but it would be an easy excuse but we had 8 or 9 international players on the pitch today.

“I wouldn’t like to talk about individual performances today. It’s disappointing that we lost the game. It hurts but on the other hand we won’t win [the cup] every year.

“I knew before coming here that it would be a tricky place to come,” Wenger explained.

Nothinham Forest on Sunday beat Arsenal by 3 goal to 1 during last Sunday FA cup clash.

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