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Why you should have friends


Friendship is one of the most restorative experiences that we can live in our life. Those who surround themselves with good friends end up feeling more short with their surroundings, more in tune with what happens around them, more integrated and ultimately happier. Friendship will not only be a social act, but also get better inside, in our state of mind as well as in health. If you want to know 10 benefits of friendship in health, stay a while and know them below.

Reduce stress with your friends

One of the sensations that we are used to in the last decade is to live constantly with stress. Both when we are in classes studying, as if we work, stress surrounds us with a huge overload of work and obligations. However, it is registered and researched, that the time we spend on the street with our friends, this stress is reduced and sometimes even eliminated completely as we think of other things.

You are part of society

Having friends is one of the best ways to feel that you are part of something, that you are in society and that you are not an excluded person. When we feel that we do not have friends, in our body an unpleasant sensation is created, like that we have been rejected by our society and that we are not worthy, but when we are surrounded by these people, everything changes to good.

Overcomes problems related to health

When we have an illness, whether it is mild or severe, having friends makes us feel that we are going to be able to overcome all the ills, since these people have many motivating and hopeful words for us. They will make us feel less alone and we will get them to give us all kinds of positive visions.

Extends life expectancy

One of the most important reasons to have friends, in addition to all we have said and those that still need to be said is that you will be able to live many more years happily. Even if these friends know them in chat rooms and do not see them physically, they will motivate you, they will make you feel more optimistic, more cheerful and this will be noticed by our body that will respond better, without getting sick and lasting many more years than you might think.

Friends accept you as you are

One of the most important points of friendship is that they accept you as you are, without more. It does not matter if you are like you, both physically and mentally, if you have a friend, he will accept you with the good and the bad, and this will help you to accept yourself as well. Many times you may think that you are not worth the fact that you have some kind of defect, but when you realize, your friends support you and help you see that you are like others.


One of the best practices that you can do and what your friends do with you is sincerity. Those who in person and looking you in the eye tell you the truth, are the true friends, since they have the confidence to tell you everything, even what you do not want to hear. Friendship will be sincere, it will tell you all points of view, both from a subjective point to an objective point, always looking for the best for you, something that you can also do with them, and feel that there really is a relationship of honest friendship.

Reducing the difficulty

When something happens to us in our lives, both in the workplace, as in others, we may take our hands to the head and say that we have bad luck and we become a real world. At the moment this happens, you have to call a friend quickly and tell them, you will see that this person will reassure you and not only will you see the positive part of everything, finding a solution, but it will make you take things with calm.

They tell you your mistakes

As we have been desgranando, friends with sincerity and confidence will tell you those things that you fail or that you should improve, but this will not do so in order to see you sunk or to get you errors or failures, but They want you to be better as a person, achieving your goals and being able to fit better in society. Although at first you may feel hurt, listen to these people, because they will look for the best in you.

Improving your actions

Real friends get you to feel more motivated in your achievements, both at the student level and at work, making you surrender more and better, involving yourself to levels you never thought you would.

Friendship is happiness

In short, friendship is pure happiness. Those sayings say that friends are a treasure, since that is how you have to feel it. A friend is not only going to help you to be a better person, making you accept and feel that you are inside a community, but you will be able to work better, fight for what you want and above all, make your mistakes disappear, doing you a lot of good . If you want to read even more data, read this Huff article in which they talk and develop the subject in detail.

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