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Why you should not sleep on the couch everyday


Are you one of those who dawns on the couch every other day because you fall asleep in this place? You should know that this is not appropriate because prolonged and continued rest in this place can make your sleep hours are not as efficient and may end up bringing you different problems. Here we present some data that show why it is not appropriate to always sleep on the couch.

Why you should not sleep on the couch everyday

It does not matter if one day you do so many on the couch or spend all night in this place, but of course you should not make it a habit.

The restful sleep and a good rest is basic to be in optimal conditions during the rest of the day and for it the conditions of the rest should be ideal.

You should always rest in a quality bed because when you sleep on the sofa, which is meant to be sitting for a while or to rest, you can damage your back and you will not rest well.

It is a good option if you have guests or for specific days but it should not be your usual resting place.

Rest on a sofa bed

Resting in a sofa is a good option for when you have guests, although for this you should always select good quality armchairs so that the rest is as good as possible.

Although we continue to affirm that the best thing is a bed with a good mattress, if you are going to buy a sofa to use it for this use, it is best to select a high quality sofa bed.

The best ones are those with pocket springs. If we choose a sofa bed with interlocking springs, the most normal thing will be that it will be deformed.

Sofas with firm foam are also a good option; it is best that it be as firm as possible. You must take into account when trying the sofa bed that you can do it comfortably without noticing the mattress. Always make a test before purchasing and choose quality pillows for people who will have to use it because the sofa cushions are not suitable for resting and can cause back problems. Thus, the best foam will always be HR. This type of foam is made with variable density polyurethane and also comes with cotton covers.This material is very interesting because it is ergonomic and adapts to all types of bodies. Always choose foams with the highest possible density because this is sure the quality of your sofa bed will be better. Undoubtedly if you choose a sofa bed with HR density foam the rest of your guests or yours when you decide to spend the night on the sofa will be much better and that is why it is the best option you can take.

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