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Why You Shouldn’t Stand And Drink Water


Drinking water is an art that must be done right. You must be thinking about what to eat and how to eat it but, have you ever given a thought to your drinking habits? Your drinking habits are equally important like your eating habits as one needs to drink properly to gain the maximum out of it. 

Source: NDTV doctors
We often think less before quenching our thirst, all that matters is the temperature of the water. We pay no heed to the time when the elders in our family constantly remind us to avoid drinking water while standing. It is often intriguing. Why must our posture come into play?

When water is swallowed whilst standing, it goes with a great force and speed through the food canal and falls on to the lower stomach wall, with a big splash. This can be very harmful, as it actually injures and damages your lower stomach wall, and even the nearby organs. It may also lead to digestive issues in the long run. 

Apart from that, it could have an adverse impact on our kidneys as well. It is believed that Kidneys filter better while we’re sitting. As we drink water while standing, it passes down at a rapid pace without actually facilitating much filtration. It may cause the impurities to gather in the blood and even the bladder, further leading to kidney damage in the long run.

It may come as a shocker to you, but it is quite possible that drinking water while standing may become a cause for arthritis in your later life. Since standing and drinking water disrupts the balance of fluids in your body, it may sometimes lead to the accumulation of fluids in your joints, therefore increasing chances of arthritis.

Moreover, your thirst is never actually fully quenched when you drink water in a standing position. You may have noticed that when you do this, you always simply feel like drinking more and more. Therefore, it is advisable to always find a good place to sit down before grabbing that glass of water.

Drinking water while standing is a superstition for some but for some it’s a scientific truth. According to medical practitioners, one should stick to healthy habits to maintain a fit body. So, don’t think much and sit down before you take a sip of water.

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