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You have failed Nigerians – Rep caucus to Buhari


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP caucus in the House of Representatives has condemned the continuous slaughtering of innocent Nigerians by herdsmen in the country.

The Reps said it showed clearly the failure of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.

The caucus said that the recent hacking to death of over 73 people in Benue State and more conflicts in Taraba and other states exposed the helplessness of the government.

The caucus declared its position in Abuja.

The leader of the PDP caucus Leo Ogor, pointed out that the government’s silence and slow response to killings suggested that it was not disturbed by the loss of the lives of its citizens.

Ogor stated, “The first fundamental duty of any government is the security of citizens’ lives and property, but it is deeply unfortunate, historically horrific and spiritually negative that under the APC government, the nation is witnessing endless rounds of senseless killings of men, women and children in Benue, Taraba and other states.

“Within the past two years, unidentified herdsmen have displaced Boko Haram in terms of mindless killings; it is unfortunate that once again, just like they did several times before, rampaging herdsmen in utter contempt for Benue State’s anti-grazing law, wantonly descended on Guma and Logo Local Government Areas of Benue State in a new year attack that left scores of dead bodies.

“Herdsmen now rank high on the Global Terrorism Index and nationwide, mindless killings, armed robberies and dastardly kidnappings have increased under the APC government, which now repays the overwhelming votes from the people with long conspiratorial silence and numb promises while the number of corpses mounts.

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