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You need medical attention – PDP blasts Igbokwe


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed the Lagos state public secretary of the All Progressive Congress(APC) Joe Igbokwe over his last statement.

According yo a statement signed by Dayo Adeyeye, the National publicity secretary of PDP, he said Joe Igbokwe was hallucinating and needs medical attention for him to think Nigerians will vote APC into power in 2019.

He added that Igbokwe’s statement is a sign of unpetrotism, desperation and selfishness.

The statement reads

Mr. Igbokwe’s Statement is a clear display of unpatriotism, selfishness, desperation and clear indication of how much the APC leaders and supporters are willing to go, to further plunge the Country beyond the present decay.

“The Rhetorics of the likes of Igbokwe that those complaining of maladministration and ineptitude of the APC Government were partakers of the so called “looting and corruption” further buttresses our earlier assertion that this APC Administration has express agenda to disorganize the Country, promote sectionalism, cause chaos and then blame it on opposition parties especially, the PDP.

“In view of the above and more, we therefore warn Mr. Igbokwe and his anti people collaborators in the APC to keep quiet henceforth since it appears they have nothing else to say to launder the Broken and Dilapidated Image of their Party, the APC. Nigerians are not stupid and will never make the Same Mistake of voting the APC in 2019 or any other Elections in future. Again, the Facts are on the Streets!

“Finally, the Oneness and Unity of this Country lies in the Hands of the Electorates and how they will cast their votes in the 2019 Elections. For emphasis, we believe that the Electorates are more informed now, and they know that any vote for the APC in 2019, will be a vote to further promote extreme hunger/starvation, poverty, indebtedness, insecurity, anti-democratic tendencies,” 

Recall that Mr Igbokwe had earlier said Nigeria will not trust PDP with their votes after former Imo state Governor Achike Udenwa lambasted APC for misgovernance. 

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