Zimbabwe: Chiwenga, ex-army general who overthrew Mugabe sworn in as VP


General Constantino Chiwenga, Zimbabwe former army commander who led a military takeover that helped end Robert Mugabe’s rule has been sworn in as the country’s vice president.

Zimbabwe’s former army chief, Constantino Chiwenga, was appointed as one of the country’s new vice-presidents. 

Mr Chiwenga led the military takeover in November that resulted in the overthrow of President Robert Mugabe. He recently retired as army chief and became a deputy leader of the ruling Zanu-PF party on 23 December.

The other deputy Zanu-PF leader, ex-state security minister Kembo Mohadi, will also become vice-president.

 New President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power after the army intervened on 15 November following a row over the presidential succession.

Days before the military takeover, Mr Mnangagwa, then deputy president, was fired by Mr Mugabe and left the country in what was widely understood to be an attempt by the president to install his wife, Grace, as his successor.

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